Welcome to Politicolor

Don't Fight Apathy Alone!

An Engaged Citizenry is Our Shared Project

Politicolor is an online community for people working to build the ranks of our engaged citizenry. You will find educators, community leaders, neighborhood activists, veterans, poll workers and anyone else who has picked up the cause of getting more people involved in their community. 

This is a high-powered community committed to thinking together and learning from one another. Together we will bring political life back into full view. 

We welcome all levels of experience and interest in political life. 

Politicolor is your Power-Up

This collaborative effort of the civic-minded will leverage a mission-focused community to...

  • Keep you fired up to do the work you do with regular boosts for your own political willpower
  • Test your ideas and deepen your understanding of American political thought and constitutionalism 
  • Think through and share ideas with the professional peers beyond the cubicle or classroom next door

What you'll find here

With a Politicolor Studio membership (always free):

  • Curated content with thought provoking perspectives on higher-order questions of how to approach political life
  • Weekly prompts for sharing the questions on your mind, the best read or smart find of the week and philosophical musings
  • Opportunities for sharing stories, ideas and insights from your civic work with a community who shares your mission of activating an engaged citizenry
  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversation and views from different perspectives each and every day. 

Membership is by invitation only. Send us a request to join and let us know how you heard about Politicolor. With a recommendation from another member, we will be sure to have an invitation with your name on it.

Through your participation in the Politicolor Studio, you will also have the opportunity to join our Civic Artists Circle. A small monthly membership fee will support the premium features designed to support your own voracious learning:

  • #CitizensRead book club with a new title selected every 4 to 6 weeks, customized discussion prompts and an online video discussion with other members
  • Civic Seminars that focus on collaborating with other members through a shared text or other media resource to develop new materials for professional use
  • Civic Matters courses that pick up on themes from the National Academy, including constitutional understandings through design thinking, the forgotten Constitution of the 14th Amendment